The Antinomies of Nature and Space

This is the opening essay to the inaugural issue of the new journal Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space that I help edit with the other three authors of the essay.

Collard, Rosemary-Claire, Leila M. Harris, Nik Heynen, and Lyla Mehta. (2018) “The antinomies of nature and space.” Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space. 1(1-2): 3-24.

Here is a brief excerpt:

“This editorial introduces and inaugurates EPE. In what follows, we sketch some of the varied approaches to nature–society scholarship that the journal aims to draw together, distilling some key insights from the literature of the past several decades, while also highlighting key imperatives and ways forward to make progress on these themes and concerns. We are cognizant that there is no way to comprehensively map all of the currents of research and thinking that will allow us to engage with the range of nature– society challenges and questions we currently face. We are hopeful that neglected and newly imagined approaches will be brought to our attention as we work collectively on this journal in the coming years.”