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IPEE, Foodshare event and Black Creek Farm

June 22, 2013 Comments off

I just had an absolutely great time teaching the International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School at York University in Toronto over the last two weeks with Liette Gilbert and 31 fantastic students.

I’ve long been aware of the IPEE and pretty blown away by the cast of folks who had taught it before, but think we lived up to the expectations.

Poster Hunger Politics v4

Here are pictures from two of the highlights.

First, we had a public event at Toronto’s Foodshare with Utcha Sawyers from Food Justice/FoodShare, Damion Adjodha from Black Creek Community Farm, Anan Lololi from AfriCan FoodBasket, Lauren Baker from Toronto Food Policy Council, and  Melissa Addison Webster from Put Food in the Budget.


Then, we had a class at Black Creek Farm and discussed popular education and the ideas of Paulo Freire and Myles Horton under a large shade tree in the middle of the farm while sitting on stumps.   It was awesome.

Black Creek

Antipode’s Institute for the Geographies of Justice (IGJ) Durban, South Africa, 27 May-1 June 2013

June 1, 2013 Comments off

After having co-organized Antipode’s 4th Institute for the Geographies of Justice (IGJ) held in Durban, South Africa between May 27th and June 1 it was a shame to not have been able to make the trip if only to be in this picture with all these beautiful people.


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2013 Antipode Foundation Annual Meeting in Athens, GA

May 11, 2013 Comments off

Having created the Antipode Foundation, the Foundation’s Trustees must meet annually to assess a host of financial and staff issues related to the function of the journal and an array of other activities we’ve brought together under the Foundation.   I got to organize the 2013 meeting so we met on my turf in Athens.

In addition to assessing how some of the funding initiates went last year, we renewed the call for the 2014 Scholar-Activist Project Awards and the 2014 International Workshop Awards.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of affirming unanimous support for the two new members of the Editorial Collective who will replace Wendy Larner and I in August.  Nik Theodore (as Managing Editor) and Jenny Pickerill will join remaining Collective members Vinay Gidwani (University of Minnesota), Sharad Chari (University of the Witwatersrand), Katherine McKittrick (Queen’s University) and Andy Kent.

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Formation of RadGe Writing Group in Vancouver

April 13, 2013 Comments off

I had the good fortune to be invited to join a new working/writing/researching/archiving group who assembled in Vancouver on the UBC Campus for an inaugural workshop over the March 1st weekend and then presented some initial ideas at the AAG in Los Angels.  Other members of the group include Trevor Barnes, Audrey Kobayashi, Linda Peake, Jamie Peck, Damaris Rose, Eric Sheppard and Bobby Wilson.  The main goal is to locate and archive some of the less known details and archives about episodes in the early formation and evolution of North American radical geography.   We’ll see where it leads.  Here we are at the LA AAG Panel.  Yea, I was pretty happy about the opportunity.


Histories of Radical and Critical Geography_happy

Not Meant to Live Like This @ Carter Center in ATL

December 9, 2012 Comments off

I had a mind-blowing opportunity to be on a panel at the Carter Center in Atlanta with several of the co-authors of the new book Not Meant to Live Like This (2012).  The book is a collection of narratives from 50 co-authors about their lives in New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina.   Here is a good write up of the day in the Atlanta Voice.