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AESOP 5th Conference on Sustainable Food Planning

October 31, 2013 Comments off

Despite having decided to pull back on travel this year, I could not resist an invitation to give a talk at the AESOP 5th Conference on Sustainable Food Planning in Montpellier, France in October.  I gave one of the bookend talks (the closing talk was given by Bob Gottleib, which was a real treat given his pioneering role in politicizing food studies).  As far as I could tell one of my main contributions (not necessarily a positive contribution mind you), was causing trouble for the translators who had a challenging time dealing with my “not so calm, not so immobile” talk.  Selfishly, I learned a great deal about the state of urban planning and urban food system planning, especially in western European contexts, and used the occasion to develop my own ideas about “abolition ecology” a bit more through my own talk.

Here is the program:

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