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Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50

March 1, 2019 Comments off

Jazeel, T, A. Kent, K. McKittrick, N. Theodore, S. Chari, P. Chatterton, V. Gidwani, N. Heynen W. Larner, J. Peck, J. Pickerill, M. Werner, M. W. Wright (eds) (2019) Keywords in Radical Geography. Oxford: Wiley.

To celebrate Antipode’s 50th anniversary, we’ve brought together 50 short keyword essays by a range of scholars at varying career stages who all, in some way, have some kind of affinity with Antipode’s radical geographical project.

  • The entries in this volume are diverse, eclectic, and to an extent random, however they all speak to our discipline’s past, present and future in exciting and suggestive ways
  • Contributors have taken unusual or novel terms, concepts or sets of ideas important to their research, and their essays discuss them in relation to radical and critical geography’s histories, current condition and possible future directions
  • This fractal, playful and provocative intervention in the field stands as a fitting testimony to the role that Antipode has played in the generation of radical geographical engagement with the world


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Neil Smith’s Long Revolutionary Imperative

April 7, 2017 Comments off

Happy to announce that we published the special collection of papers about the work of Neil Smith as both an free e-book and a special issue of Antipode:

Heynen, N., A. Kent, K. McKittrick, V. Gidwani, W. Larner (Eds.), 2017. Revolutionary Imperative: Engaging the Work of Neil Smith. Wiley-Blackwell. [published simultaneously as a special issue of Antipode, 49 s1]

Papers in the special collection were written by a fantastic group of scholars, including Andrew Ross, Timothy Brennan, Noel Castree, Susan W.S. Millar, Don Mitchell, John Morrissey, Tom Slater, John Paul Jones III, Helga Leitner, Sallie A. Marston, Eric Sheppard, Setha Low, Patrick Bond and Greg Ruiters.

We, the editors, wrote this introductory essay, based on some of Neil’s archival letters that Don Mitchell allowed us temporary access to.  I’d urge folks to take a closer look at the cover art for the collection which is a portrait of Neil that Deb Cowen painted and allowed us to use.

Heynen, N. A. Kent, K. McKittrick, V. Gidwani, W. Larner (2017) “Neil Smith’s Long Revolutionary Imperative.” Antipode. 49(s1): 5-18.

Abstract: Whether writing about gentrification or nature, the production of space or the politics of scale, uneven development or public space, globalization or revolution, the geographer Neil Smith was nothing if not provocative. Neither Festschrift nor hagiography, this special issue of Antipode critically engages Smith’s work—not to unpick the rich tapestry, but to draw the threads out and spin them on in new directions. Consisting of newly commissioned essays by comrades from across the human sciences, it considers the entire range of Smith’s oeuvre. This paper introduces the essays by offering not only some thoughts about Smith’s intellectual contributions generally, but also new insight into the role he played in Antipode.

New Hungarian Translated Collection on Critical Urban Studies (Kritikai Városkutatás) includes Swyngedouw and Heynen (2003)

February 16, 2014 Comments off

A new book on Critical Urban Studies (Kritikai Városkutatás) has just been published by L’Harmattan Budapest. It was edited by Csaba Jelinek, Judit Bodnar, Marton Czirfusz, and Zoltan Gyimesi. In addition to a number of exciting translations by other urban scholars the collection also includes a paper I wrote with Erik Swyngedouw published in Antipode in 2003.

Table of Contents and Swyngedouw, E., and N.C. Heynen (2014) “Városi politikai ökológia, igazságosság és a léptékek politikája.” In (eds.) Jelinek Csaba, Bodnár Judit, Czirfusz Márton, Gyimesi Zoltán. Kritikai városkutatás pp. 394-416

Antipode’s Institute for the Geographies of Justice (IGJ) Durban, South Africa, 27 May-1 June 2013

June 1, 2013 Comments off

After having co-organized Antipode’s 4th Institute for the Geographies of Justice (IGJ) held in Durban, South Africa between May 27th and June 1 it was a shame to not have been able to make the trip if only to be in this picture with all these beautiful people.


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2013 Antipode Foundation Annual Meeting in Athens, GA

May 11, 2013 Comments off

Having created the Antipode Foundation, the Foundation’s Trustees must meet annually to assess a host of financial and staff issues related to the function of the journal and an array of other activities we’ve brought together under the Foundation.   I got to organize the 2013 meeting so we met on my turf in Athens.

In addition to assessing how some of the funding initiates went last year, we renewed the call for the 2014 Scholar-Activist Project Awards and the 2014 International Workshop Awards.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of affirming unanimous support for the two new members of the Editorial Collective who will replace Wendy Larner and I in August.  Nik Theodore (as Managing Editor) and Jenny Pickerill will join remaining Collective members Vinay Gidwani (University of Minnesota), Sharad Chari (University of the Witwatersrand), Katherine McKittrick (Queen’s University) and Andy Kent.

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What Does it Mean to Win? On Keeping Antipode’s Radical Spirit Alive

March 1, 2013 Comments off

Here is the latest editorial essay we within the Antipode Editorial Collective (including Sharad Chari, Paul Chatterton, Vinay Gidwani, Andy Kent, Wendy Larner, and I in this instance) wrote entitled “What Does it Mean to Win? On Keeping Antipode’s Radical Spirit Alive“.  Not an easy question to ask given the history of the journal and the discipline.

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