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Solidarity in Climate/Immigrant Justice Direct Action: Lessons from movements in the U.S. South

March 7, 2016 Comments off

Happy to have published this paper in IJURR with two wicked smart folks.  Given we all continue to do work within these communities hoping for more work like this down the road.

Black, S., R. Milligan and N. Heynen (2016) “Solidarity in Climate/Immigrant Justice Direct Action: Lessons from movements in the U.S. South”. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 40(2), 284-298.


In October of 2012, youth organizers from the immigrant justice and climate change resistance movements in the southeastern US metropolitan region of Atlanta, Georgia, coordinated a direct action tactic framed by a unified narrative justifying collaboration between immigrant and climate justice activists on equal terms. In a continuing collaborative relationship, these organizers embraced mutually strategic narratives rooted in local civil rights history, but rejected common ‘global climate justice’ narratives used to frame social and environmental collaborative organizing. We examine the departure from ‘global climate justice’ narratives, which was exemplified by coalition building in Georgia, to argue that scholarship articulating ‘global climate justice’ as a new context for integrating social and environmental movements must anticipate barriers to these solidarities, especially historical, regional and racialized dynamics of power among organizations engaged in these developing alliances. Based on an investigation of strategic alliances between anti-racist, immigrant justice organizers and climate change activists in the metropolitan areas of Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, we argue that climate justice narratives in both activism and scholarship would benefit from more attention to the particular political and cultural geographies in which diverse forms of climate justice organizing can take hold.

Peas and Praxis: Organizing Food Justice through the Direct Action of the Newtown Florist Club

August 27, 2013 Comments off

Several years ago Ellen Kohl (a Ph.D Student I work with) and I started to collaborate with an incredible group of community activists called the Newtown Florist Club who live and organize in Gainesville Georgia.  The Newtown Florist Club is a social and environmental justice organization who will be celebrating their 63rd Anniversary this year and are directed by a truly amazing woman named Ms. Faye Bush. Together, with a group of other academics, lawyers and a couple environmental engineers, we formed of a research/writing collective that we called the Newtown Florist Club Writing Collective (NFCWC).  We formed the NFCWC out of concern that too often scholars parachute into communities to “research them” and just as quickly disappear.  We have worked hard over the course of these years to build trust and get to know each other and hope to share our collective insights through a series of publications we are working on.

The first publication from this collective endeavor has just been published in an exciting book edited by Rachel Slocum and Arun Saldanha titled Geographies of Race and Food: Fields, Bodies, Markets.

Our chapter is titled:

“Peas and Praxis: Organizing Food Justice through the Direct Action of the Newtown Florist Club”.

Beyond this collective effort, Ellen is also working on her dissertation is close collaboration with the NFC.

Stay tuned for her great project in due course.