•    G8910 Seminar in Geographic Thought and Methods
•    G8920 Seminar on Geographies of Racial Capitalism
•    G8690 Directed Problems in Human Geography
•    G8630 Seminar on Urban Political Ecology
•    G8630 Seminar on Race, Racialization, & Racial Capitalism
•    G8630 Seminar on the Geographies of Justice
•    G8620 Seminar on Karl Marx
•    G8305 Seminar on Ethnography
•    ICON 8001 Integrative Conservation I – Theoretical Foundations of an Integrative Approach
•    ICON 8002 Integrative Conservation II – Theoretical Foundations of an Integrative Approach


•    G4(6)630 Advanced Urban Geography: Urban Political Ecology
•    G4(6)630 Advanced Urban Geography: Urban Social Movements (service learning)
•    G4(6)630 Advanced Urban Geography: Urban Climate Justice (service learning)
•    G4890 Athens Urban Food Collective (service learning)


•    G1101 Introduction to Human Geography
•    G1130 Introduction to World Geography
•    G3630 Introduction to Urban Geography (service learning)
•    G3990 Internship in Geography
•    G4890 Athens Urban Food Collective Service Learning (service learning)
•    G4921 Directed Topics in Independent Research



  • Jessica Martinez (UGA Geog; co-advised with S. Holloway) “The UnMakings – ReMakings of Home in the Athens Borderlands: DIA’s Affective Politics of Organizing Community and Solidarities”
  • Shelly Biesel (UGA Anthro; co-advised with D. Nelson) “Gender Identity (Re)Formation and Bioenergy Development”
  • Jill Gambill (UGA Geog/ICON) “The adaptive management of sea level rise: Case Studies from Tybee Island, Savannah and the Southeastern United States”
  • Caroline Keegan (UGA Geog) “Unmaking the Myth of Agricultural Exceptionalism: Racial Capitalism, H-2a Labor, and the “Nature” Of Agriculture In Georgia’s Farm Labor System” (2021)
  • Nikki Luke (UGA Geog) “Finding the Time: Valuing the Social Reproduction of Labor in Atlanta’s Electricity Politics” (2020)
  • Daniela Aiello (UGA Geog) “Housing Displacement in the Racialized City: Comparative Geographies of Eviction in Atlanta and Vancouver” (2019)
  • Brian Williams (UGA Geog) “Cotton, Chemicals, and the Political Ecologies of Racial Capitalism.” (2018)
  • Richard Milligan (UGA Geog) “Riparian Emergence and Assemblage: Ecopolitics of Race Nature in the Altamaha River System” (2016)
  • Levi Van Sant (UGA Geog/ICON) “Plantation Geographies: Agriculture, Race, And Science In The South Carolina Lowcountry, 1865-Present” (2016)
  • Ellen Kohl (UGA Geog) “Animating the racial state: Race, Place, and Environmental Justice in Gainesville, Georgia.” (2015)
  • Patrick Huff (UGA Anthropology; co-advised with T. Gragson) “An Alternative Politics of Value: An Ethnographic Study of Value within New Orleans Social Movements.” (2014)
  • Seth Gustafson (UGA Geog) “Confluent Crises and the Politics of Exurban Environmental Knowledge in Southern Appalachia.” (2014)
  • Jason Rhodes (UGA Geog) “Finding Value in Racism: The Spatial Choreography of Black & White in Early Twentieth Century Atlanta.” (2013)
  • Graham Pickren (UGA Geog) “Understanding the Emerging E-Waste Regime: The Politics of Certification and Labeling in the Electronics Recycling Industry”. (2013)
  • Peter Hossler (UGA Geog) “Catching Whom? Understanding the Historical-Geographical Unevenness within Milwaukee’s Health Care Safety Net.” (2011)
  • Parama Roy (UWM Geog; co-advised with J. Kenny after my departure from UWM): “Urban Political Ecology, Racial Inequality and the Uneven Metabolization of Milwaukee’s Urban Forest.”  (2008)
  • Jeremia Njeru (UWM Geog; co-advised with J. Kenny after my departure from UWM): “The Political Ecology of Urban Forestry in Kenya: The Case of Karura Forest in Nairobi.”  (2008)
  • Harold Perkins (UWM Geog): “Neoliberalization and the retrenchment of public forms of investment: An Investigation into the Impact of Urban Economic Restructuring on Urban Green Infrastructures.” (2006)


  • Caroline Keegan (UGA Geog) “Uneven Redevelopment in New Orleans Restaurant Industry” (2016)
  • Stanley Underwood (UGA Geog): “A Deleuzian Analysis of Reproductive Justice Politics:  Rethinking the Political Significance of Affect and Identity.” (2013)
  • Megan Freeman (UGA Geog): “Finding Food for the People: A Spatial Analysis of Athens’ Food Gleaning Network.”  (2010)
  • Jay Bowen (UGA Geog): “Geographies of Direct Action and Homelessness: The Mad Housers’ Role in Improving the Lives of an Athens Homeless Population.” (2010)
  • Michele Flippo (UGA Geog): “Food for ‘Us’: Understanding the Dynamics of Personal Politics and Ideas of Community in the Common Ground Community Garden.” (2009)
  • Graham Pickren (UGA Geog): “Invisible Housing: Social Movement Responses to the Studentification and Displacement of Urban Manufactured Housing Communities.” (2008)
  • Ellen Kohl (UGA Geog): “Working the Waters: The Political Ecologies of Scale and Georgia’s 100 Year Drought.” (2008)
  • Seth Gustafson (UGA Geog): “Something Wicked This Way Comes:  Social Movement Framings of the Globalizing of Atlanta During Olympic-related Urban Restructuring, 1990-1996.” (2008)
  • Kathleen Doherty (UWM Geog): “Mediating Critiques of the Alternative Food Movement: Growing Power in Milwaukee.” (2006)
  • Ryan Holz (UWM Geog): Non-thesis option (2005)

External Ph.D. Examiner/Committee Member/Opponent/Host

  • Nina Ebner (Department of Geography, University of British Columbia) “Lives on the Line: The (Re)Making of Uneven Development on the United States – Mexico Border (External Examiner; 2021)
  • Paul Sylvestre (Department of Geography at Queens University) “Assembling Zibi: How Profits, Property, and Policing Undermined Algonquin Urban Land Reclamation at Asinabka in the National Capital Region of Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada.” (External Examiner, 2020)
  • Kim Jackson (Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University) “‘Mending and Transforming the Torn Social Fabric: Lumpen Social Reproduction in Settler Urban Space as Relational Praxis Art.” (External Examiner, 2020)
  • Darren Patrick (Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University) “‘Bologna is a School of Activism’: TransFeministQueer Autonomy and Urban Spatial Praxis.” (External Examiner, 2019)
  • Monica Barra (Cultural Anthropology Program at the CUNY Graduate Center) “Losing Louisiana: Race, techno-science, and the disappearing geographies of the lower Mississippi River Delta” (External Committee Member, 2018)
  • Ali Bhagat (Department of Political Studies, Queens University) “Governing Forced Migration in Racial Capitalism: Refugee Survival in Paris and Nairobi” (External Committee Member, 2019)
  • Neil Nunn (Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto) (Fulbright Mentor 2018).
  • Carrie Freshour (Development Sociology, Cornell University) Place-Making in the Poultry Capital of the World: Latina Immigrants, Production, and Social Reproduction in Northeast Georgia. (Committee Member)
  • Joshua Lewis (Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University) Grounded Urban Ecology: Infrastructure, Urbanization, and the Deltaic Environment (Opponent; 2015)
  • Gloria “Glo” Ross (History, Technology, and Society (HTS), Georgia Tech). Mapping the Development of Food Deserts in Atlanta, GA: Supermarket Accessibility from 1960 – 2010. (Committee Member 2014)
  • Frederick Peters (Department of Political Science, York University) “Schmutz in the Baltic: The Political Economy of Urban Water Infrastructure in Post-Communist Europe”. (Examiner; 2013)
  • Jessica Dempsey (Department of Geography, University of British Columbia) “Making Markets, Making Biodiversity: Understanding Global Biodiversity Politics”. (Examiner; 2012)
  • Richard Oddie, (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University) “Alternative Routes, New Pathways: Development, Democracy and the Political Ecology of Transportation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.” (Examiner; 2010)

UGA Undergraduate Honors/CURO Advising/Reader

  • Elizabeth Wilkes ““In Every Way But Legally”: Revisiting Property Politics on Sapelo Island (Advisor; 2018)
  • Sara Black “Converging Climate Justice and Immigrant Rights Organizing” (Advisor; 2014)
  • Julia Connell “Queer Gentrification in Atlanta” (Reader; 2017)


  • Dr. Dean Hardy: Postdoctoral Fellow, National Science Foundation National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) University of Maryland. (2016-2018)
  • Dr. Brian Burke:  participatory community research and strategic communication to work with NSF Funded Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research (CWT LTER) project and Coweeta Listening Project (CLP). Supported by National Science Foundation under Grant DEB-0218001. (2012-2014)